Quranic Arabic (learning Quranic Arabic Online)


Quranic Arabic ( learning Quranic Arabic online )

Arabic is an ancient language and has many styles of dialect which changes with the different regions it is spoken in. The Middle Eastern countries have varying degrees of complexities and inflections of similar words. All of these variations have stemmed from the [Quranic Arabic] which  considered to be the oldest form there is. The primary reason for most people when it comes to learning Arabic is usually to understand the meanings of the Quran and so many people prefer taking the classical Arabic (Fusha) course for this purpose instead of the classes for Modern Standard Arabic.

learning Quranic Arabic online.
learning Quranic Arabic online.

The theme of the course ( learning Quranic Arabic online ):

This course is aimed at teaching the ancient language of[ Classical Arabic ]or [Quranic Arabic]. Learning the language helps the students understand the text better and find their interpretations of the Holy Book. It becomes easier for you to go for Islamic studies courses for both, the secular and the religious perspectives once you learn the Quranic Arabic language to the advanced level. This course addresses each of the topics mentioned below. Also explains how the harmonious verses of the Quran must be recited. So that one can follow the principles in day-to-day life.

Description of the course [ learning Quranic Arabic Online ]

learning Quranic Arabic online .
learning Quranic Arabic online .

Quran is the central sacred text of Islam. And it is also regarded as the finest and the most superior piece of work in classical Arabic literature. It was believed that the [Holy Quran ]was a verbal revelation made by God to Muhammad. And thus to the entire humanity, over a long period of around twenty-three years. The text of the Quran is regarded as a proof of his [prophethood]. And a book of guidance for mankind. In general, it decrees how one should lead their lives by treating the [Holy Quran] with respect and utmost devotion.

Muslims recite The first surah of the Quran mostly in daily prayers and other occasions. Besides this, the most intellectual disciplines in Islam also have their foundations in the teachings of the holy text. Thus, this is the most important text for the Muslims and the respect for the written words and verses is a vital element of the pious faith. To understand all of this, it is fundamental to learn classical Arabic.

Course tutors:


All The tutors are well perfectly qualified and know the rules of recitation very well and are Hafiz-i-Quran, that is have memorized the complete text with complete translation. Plus, learning the Quran along with understanding how to incorporate it into daily life is an important aspect of learning which is a little more difficult to achieve online as compared to visiting the local mosque. However, you can achieve this by learning the classical Arabic language.

You can now log in to connect with your teacher at flexible schedules without even using webcams from any corner of the world. The tutors available online on the best sites are [University graduates] in a variety of subjects and are proficient in writing, speaking and reading Classical as well as Modern Standard Arabic, Urdu and English to facilitate a better understanding of the language in the student’s mind.

Goals and objectives

Our goals include:


  • To propagate the knowledge of the Quranic Arabic.
  •  let the students learn Quran easily by understanding the meanings of the verses.
  • To help the students recite the Quran with proper Tajweed.


Who should take this course ( learning Quranic Arabic online )?

learning Quranic Arabic online .
learning Quranic Arabic online .

Anyone who wishes to learn classical Arabic for understanding the meanings of the verses of Quran should take up this course. Besides that, anyone who wishes to learn Islamic studies further can also take up this course for strengthening their classical Arabic with proper grammar


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