Online Arabic classes for beginners

Language is of great importance in our lives, young and old, and the child is of special and very great importance
; It is of great importance, as it is his tool for communication and expression, and his first means of acquiring knowledge, collecting information, and forming and developing experience.
And because the Arabic language is the language of the Qur’an, and it is one of the most widespread languages in the world, people’s desire to learn it continues to increase.
Therefore, parents need to invest in teaching their children the Arabic language. To open doors for them to an untapped market of career opportunities.

The Internet has developed in recent years amazingly and very quickly and thus has become an open book to the whole world. Thus, talking about education via the Internet, or taking the Internet as an educational tool in the era of information flow, especially for children’s education, is axiomatic in the era of modern technological development. This is because children sit for a lot of hours using their mobile for many reasons, such as playing video games, watching videos or photos, etc… so they became aware of how to use the phone, so parents should take advantage of this and teach their children how to use the Internet to learn the Arabic language by making the child read electronic books, Or watch lessons from YouTube, Or attend lessons by paying the fees for these courses.

Advantages of online child education:

Achieving the safety of children and society from disease:
Distance education is one of the very important emergency measures to limit the Corona epidemic, which aims mainly at maintaining social divergence, and protecting children from disease and infection.

Enhancing communication between children and their parents:
Distance education allows children to spend more time with their children, and it also allows them to be closer to their child and fully informed of his academic development, so distance education is an opportunity to enhance communication between the child and his family, as he needs their help a lot, especially in matters of time management and management the study.

The child acquires new skills such as:

The skill of managing and organizing time with internal motivation.
The skill of dealing with modern technology and learning to use developed programs and applications.
Acquiring the skill of self-motivation that will remain with him for life, as self-education depends mainly on self-motivation.

Children continue to study without having to leave the house:
Distance education enabled all children to complete their school years, without losing an academic year.

Increasing parents’ sense of reassurance about their children:
Distance education allowed parents to protect their children by keeping them at home.

The child learns the distance education method:
Distance education is a very important and rich experience for children, as it greatly helps them develop themselves and obtain more education through e-learning platforms so that they are more prepared to deal with this type of education and training compared to children of traditional education.

Distance education also has advantages, but it also has disadvantages at the time of these negatives:
There are also many negative effects of distance education, whether in the school stages or university education and the disadvantages of distance learning for children are as follows:

1_ Poor direct interaction between the child and his teacher: The traditional school is one of the most important places for forming children’s social skills, and its absence leads to problems in children’s social skills.

2_ Technical and logistical problems:
This problem is one of the problems that you will face as parents, including the following: securing e-learning requirements for the child, such as a tablet or laptop, especially when there is more than one child in the house, so securing these requirements becomes very difficult, and Internet connection problems, in addition to wasting lesson time due to technical problems that It can occur such as the teacher’s or teacher’s voice is not clear or cut off, which will negatively affect the student’s understanding of the explanation

3_ Difficulties faced by parents:
One of the difficulties faced by working mothers is that the children remain alone at home at the time of distance learning, in addition to the low sense of competition that teachers stimulate in the classrooms of traditional schools.

4_ Lack of motivation in distance education for children.

5_ Negatively affecting some of the child’s skills.

6_ Students’ lack of commitment to the rules of discipline during the lesson.

7_ Lack of specialized time
Therefore, the time allotted for lessons must be reconsidered to increase communication between the teacher and the students.

8_ Not enough coordination:
Therefore, there must be complete coordination between the teachers and the parents of the students.

9_ Lack of control over the students during the lesson:
So it is necessary to find ways.

Because of these negatives
Parents who want to teach their children the Arabic language via the Internet should choose the appropriate programs to teach the Arabic language from the Internet for their children.
Here are some tips for parents to choose the right Arabic online course for their child:

1_ Consider the goals and needs of the child
You must know your child’s goal of learning Arabic
Before you start looking for an online program, consider what your child wants to gain from their language studies. Does he need help with grammar or pronunciation? Or does he want to speak fluently?

Research the different programs available
Once you know what type of program best suits your child’s needs, take some time to read reviews and compare prices. ensuring that the software has good ratings and offers features; Such as audio recordings of native speakers, quizzes, and comments.

Consider your budget
Learning Arabic online can be affordable, but some courses are more expensive than others, so you should make sure that the program you choose for your child is within your budget.

Take the time to try out the program
You must familiarize yourself with the learning program before committing to it for the child
Many online programs offer free trials or money-back guarantees, so take advantage of these offers. So that you can get acquainted with what the program looks like before the child commits to it.

Also, distance education helps children with great help in developing themselves and obtaining more education through e-learning platforms, to be more prepared to deal with this type of education and training compared to children of traditional education.