New Muslim Course


New Muslim Course

New Muslim Course to support them to learn about Islam. Most people find a connection to the new religion instantly, but their journey in the new field after Shahada can be quite difficult. For them, [New Muslim Course] has been designed to help them get into their new lifestyle easily. New Muslims may be having some questions about learning a new language, customs, culture and so much more. With this new conversion come new responsibilities and so much more? This question often arises for those who are willing to learn a new culture, customs, and language. New Muslim course deals with all the questions that are giving you sleepless nights.

The theme of New Muslim Course :

New Muslim Course
New Muslim Course

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching online provides new Muslim courses and also teaches easy techniques for not only mastering the lifestyle and language but also learning all about Islam in a short period. The course mainly focuses on making the journey of a [new Muslim] exciting, fun and unique after hi Shahada. The course is all about mixing standard professional teaching with new techniques of making new Muslims comfortable. The idea of the course is to help you understand the new ways of life that you have chosen for yourself by choosing Islam.

Description of New Muslim Course :

Description of New Muslim Course
Description of New Muslim Course

The course is all about teaching basics to new Muslims so that it becomes easy for them to learn the new lifestyle. The course mainly focuses on teaching Surat’l-Fatiha, faith, Islam, and the new world of this pious religion. Interactive sessions are prepared to help new Muslims to understand the study materials completely and master the art of communicating with the great community of people from across the globe. Through NMA instructors new Muslims are exposed to a great community of people and resources so that they can learn and understand their new lifestyle easily.

The structured curriculum helps the students to grasp the knowledge at a much faster speed. Our course specially designed to help students to understand, speak and write the language without any mistakes. The course makes it easier for new students by presenting the practical and theoretical perspective of the rules and regulations of the new religion they have opted for.

New Muslim Course [Goals and objectives] 

Our goal is to deliver100% positive result by helping students to:

  •  Make it easier for new students by mingling with their new environment
  • Help them master the language with perfection
  • Understand the new lifestyle and foundation of the religion
  • Learn all the basics of the Quran
  • Provide high professional standards with quality services
  • Understand the basics and rules of Islam
  • Help students practice conversation and the best way to be able to communicate in the forum
  • Develop fine communication skills with a minimum foreign accent

The main objective of the course is to help students adapt to their new lifestyle and become competent in pursuing their new journey in Islam confidently. We take pride in presenting some good students from all over the world. We also try to provide new Muslim classes to all new Muslims from anywhere and at any time. The course is online which makes it easier for the new Muslims to take the course from anywhere in the world.

Who should take The new Muslim Course?

Who should take New Muslim Course?
Who should take the New Muslim Course?

Any new Muslims, or non- Muslims who are planning to convert to Islam, can take this course. Irrespective of their age, gender or nationality anyone with zeal for learning the new language can also take the course. People, who want to learn more about this wonderful journey, can join the course too. People who are relocating to Arab nations or are planning to join the universities can utilize the benefit of this course.

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