Ijazah in reading Matn tohfat Al atfal( learning tohfat AL atfal )



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Ijazah in reading Matt to fat Al atfal( learning that AL atfal )

People with dedication and zeal to teach Quran must not be left out for permission. For that purpose, Al- Azhar teaching has started an[ Online Ijazah ] in a reading course. Ijazah is the permission to teach Quran from Imam. This is the linguistic meaning of the word ‘Ijazah’ to get permission from [Imam] or [Shaykh], who checks on your pronunciation and Tajweed during your recitation of the [Holy Quran]. The second type of Ijazah is all about the memorization of the holy Quran with Tajweed. The certification awarded to those students who recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed and dedication.


learning tohfat AL atfal
learning that AL atfal

The theme of course [ learning that AL atfal ]:

The Ijazah course offered by[ A-Azhar online teaching ]being an interactive session helps the suitable student to get certification in Ijazah from certified Quran scholar. Students also guided by the scholar on the recitation of the Quran properly without any mistakes. The course is all about providing[ online Islamic learning ] in detail thus. Also providing introductory courses regarding the principles of reading the [Holy Quran] as well as teaching the alphabets, vowels with proper pronunciation.


Description of course  [ learning tohfat AL atfal ]

learning tohfat AL atfal
learning tohfat AL atfal

A detailed analysis of [Tajweed rules] and regulations taught so that one can improve their basic Tajweed and also [Ijazah of Hifz]. The course deals mainly in two segments that are recitation and memorization. During the course, one gets the opportunity to recite the [Holy Quran] in the presence of certified Imam, who in return grants the certification to the students, so that, he can teach Quran to others.


The students asked to recite the whole Quran accurately with complete[ Tajweed rules]. Another segment dealing with the memorization part gives a detailed description of how to pronounce and recite every alphabet of Arabic correctly without mistakes. As the beauty of Arabic language lies in pronunciation and pausing and stopping of an Ayah, the whole mechanism is taught with rules in detail. The certified Imam or Shaykh sees all the proceedings personally.[ Ijazah of Hifz ]or Memorizing the [Noble Quran] will be granted to those students who memorize the Quran with Tajweed without making mistakes and foreign accent.


Goals n objectives

Our target is simple, and that is to spread the Quran education and teachings of The Great Allah all over the world.


  •  spread the teachings of the Great Allah by cultivating proper understanding towards Quran in students
  •  provide certification on Quran recitation with Tajweed
  • learn all the tajweed rules, all accumulated in one place.
  •  recite the Quran with Tajweed without making any mistakes
  • be able to memorize the Holy text of Quran accurately and with precision
  •  help students to get the proper permission to teach Quran with Tajweed


As learning Quran is a must for every Muslim one need to learn it perfectly, without perfecting yourself, you can’t teach others. For that purpose, Ijazah in reading online programme has been introduced in [Al-Azhar teaching]. The course helps you imbibe knowledge of Quran without mistakes at a faster pace. The course will help you polish your basic and advanced knowledge of the Holy text easily.


Who should take this Course [ learning tohfat AL atfal ] ?

Some people have the will to showcase their knowledge but due to lack of opportunity fail to do so. With our initiative, they will be able to get certification for this course without the barrier of distance or time. It’s all about dedication towards learning and understanding the Quran that drives the student to take up this course. Anyone with zeal to achieve Ijazah in reading online can enroll themselves in this course. Students who are planning to choose to teach Quran as the profession may join this course too.


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