Learning English Arabic Classes


Learning English Arabic classes

   learning English Arabic classes online. As you see, Learning a new language can only be beneficial when it helps you express yourself in different life situations. English to Arabic Learning is a series devoted to helping non-Arabs who are interested in learning Arabic to use it to express themselves in everyday situations.


So, this time we will learn how to communicate at a restaurant using Arabic:

Transliteration Arabic English
An-Nadal: Hal Astatee’ An Osaa’idoki?

Nora: Oreedo Menddadah  Lithalathatu Afraad Min Fadlak.

النادل: هل أستطيع أن أساعدك؟

نورا: أريد منضدة لثلاثة أفراد من فضلك.

Firstly, the Waiter: Can I help you?

Secondly, Nora: A table for three, please.

An-Nadil: Hal Anti Gahizatun litalab Al-Ta’aam?

Nora: Na’am, Sawfa Natanawl al-Khodrawat Wa Al-Orz Ma’ al-Dajaj, Min Fadlak.

النادل: هل أنتِ جاهزة لطلب الطعام؟

نورا: نعم. سوف نتناول الخضروات و الأرز مع الدجاج من فضلك.

Thirdly, Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Then, Nora: Yes, we’ll have vegetable and chicken with rice, please.

– Hal Tawadeena Ay Mashroob?

– Faqat Ba’dd al-Maa, Min Fadlak.

هل تودين أى مشروب؟

فقط بعض الماء من فضلك.

Then,- Would you like any drink?

After that,- Just some water, please

– Hal Tawadeena Ay Tahlyah?

– Na’am, Sawfa Natanawl Ba’d al-Mothalajat.

– هل تودين أي تحلية؟

– نعم. سوف أتناول بعض المثلجات.

 Then,- Would you like any dessert?

Then, Yes, I’ll take some ice-cream.-

– Sawfa National Ba’d Ash-Shay Min Fadlak.

Wa Ba’d A’seer al-Bortoqal Min Fadlak.  –

– سوف أتناول بعض الشاي من فضلك.

– وبعض عصير البرتقال من أجلي ، من فضلك.

After that, I’ll have some tea, please-

then, – And some orange juice for me, please.

    Now we move to another scene which may happen before the previous conversation; which is the reservation scene and the most common questions and answers used in such conversation.

Then Making a Reservation

Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies
Transliteration Arabic English
Ali: Awadu An Ahjiza li-thalathatu Ashkhas Masaa al-Khamees. علي: أود أن أحجز  لثلاثة أشخاص مساء الخميس. Firstly, Ali: I’d like to make a reservation for three people on Thursday night.
An-Nadil: Fi Ay Waqtin Tashaa?

Ali: At-Tasi’ah.

النادل: في أي وقت تشاء؟

علي: التاسعة

Secondly, Waiter: What time would you like?

Ali: 9.00

An-Nadil: Laysa Ladina Ay Makan Mutah Fi at-Tasi’ah. Hal athaminah wan-nisf Munasib? النادل: ليس لدينا أي مكان مُتاح في التاسعة. هل الثامنة والنصف مناسب؟

علي: نعم، مناسب.

thirdly, Waiter: We don’t have anything available at 9.00. Is 8:30 ok?

Ali: Yes, that’s fine.

An-Nadil: Ismoka, Min Fadlik.

Ali: Ali Adam.

An-Nadil: Hasanan Sayyed Ali, Naraka Fi Athaminah wan-nisf, Masaa al-Khamees.

Ali: Shokran Lak. ila alliqaa.

An-Nadil: ila alliqaa.

النادل: أسمك ، من فضلك.

علي: علي آدم.

النادل: حسنا سيد علي. نراك في الثامنة والنصف، مساء الخميس.

علي: شكرا لك. إلى اللقاء.

النادل: إلى اللقاء.

After that, Waiter: Your name, please.

Then, Ali: Ali Adam.

After that, Waiter: Ok, Mr. Ali. We’ll see you at 8:30 on Thursday.

Then, Ali: Thank you. Bye.

Finally, Waiter: Goddbye.


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