How to learn Quranic Arabic?

How to learn Quranic Arabic?

     Arabic is not a language which is very difficult to understand. People find Quranic Arabic complex to understand due to its complexity and grammar, making a perception that it is difficult to learn like Italian or Xhosa or Mandarin. The bitter truth is that there is no such thing as hard or easy language. So people should learn Quranic Arabic like other languages.

    The only language which people find difficult to learn is the language they don’t want to learn. Our ability to understand a language has nothing to do with complexity. Arabic has nothing to do with whether a person has a natural talent to learn languages or not. Learning a language depicts a person’s desires and his efforts. If you truly desire to understand the Quranic Arabic and put all the efforts to learn it. Then you can learn Arabic.

learn Quranic Arabic.

    No Body has to fully rely on translations to understand the language. If the person focuses more on salaah, then the understanding becomes much better than just a vague translation which is not knowing the meaning of language at all. As people expand their Quranic vocabulary, they find it easier to remember Surah’s from the Quran and feel familiar with the existing structure of Quranic Arabic language 1.

An amazing fact to learn Quranic Arabic :

     The amazing fact is you can understand the Arabic language without knowing how to speak Arabic. People have misconceptions that they have to know Arabic first before attempting the Quran. But the truth is that Arabic is a language with many different dialects. Anybody can learn Quranic Arabic without any base in speaking Arabic.

    Native speaks are not necessary for teaching Quranic Arabic, which applies to all other languages as well and not just Arabic. Native speakers can help in mastering pronunciations or nuances in slangs. However, they do not know anything about grammar as it is their mother tongue. Also, they have been speaking it since they took birth.

Who is The best person to teach Quranic Arabic?

learn Quranic Arabic
learn Quranic Arabic

    The best person to teach Quranic Arabic is someone who is well-trained to teach language acquisition. So people should not worry to travel to different parts of the Middle East to learn Arabic. The first learning comes from home itself and applies new skills to understand basic Hadiths in Arabic too. One should start learning Arabic by learning ten grammatical keys of Arabic every day. As the Quran is repetitive, so everyone should start by leaning some words daily to make a good foundation for learning Arabic.

     Once the essentials words are learned, anyone can then begin to understand the Quran which will make a person to apply his/her new skills to understand basic Habits to learn Quranic Arabic.  People should find their shortcuts if they want to understand the Quran on their own in Arabic and soon it won’t take some weeks learning the basic foundation of Arabic. Rather, it will help people learn the vocabulary forever and construct the Arabic language in such a manner that everyone will be able to understand the Quran in the Arabic language.

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