Arabic Prepositions

Arabic Prepositions

Basics to learn Arabic (learn arabic prepositions)

    As a matter of fact, the majority of Islamic countries in the world follow Arabic as their official language. Also,  Arabic is the language of the Quran [the Holy Book of Islam]. And we consider it as a [sacred language]. Hence, it is one of the most common languages spoken in the world.  Also, it is even among the official languages of UN and [Arab League].

Basics to learn Arabic [learn Arabic prepositions]
Basics to learn Arabic [learn Arabic prepositions]

What are the basics of the Arabic language?

     In fact just like any other language of the world. Also Arabic has certain basics and rules that form the entire language. And these basics are the pillars of the Arabic language. Then by learning these basics, learning Arabic becomes an easy task.

We can divide Arabic into three basic components-

the basics of learn Arabic language
The basics of learning the Arabic language

[Arabic Alphabets]:

    The Arabic script made up of 28 letters. Arabs write it in cursive style. The direction of writing is from right to left, i.e., back style as compared to the western languages. A majority is consonants but few vowels both short and long we use it while writing Arabic. Also, the words are differentiated by the use of dots.

[Arabic Vocabulary]:

Arabic vocabulary
Arabic vocabulary

    In fact, It is one of the most extensive in the world. Multiple synonyms for each word are present in the Arabic dialect. Hence, to master the language, one must be familiar with the use of an Arabic dictionary. Increasing vocabulary power enhances the spoken skills of the language.

[Arabic Grammar]: (learn Arabic prepositions)

learn Arabic prepositions
learn Arabic prepositions

    Sentence formation and joining are achieved by the correct use of grammar. The Arabic language consists of all parts of grammar including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and Arabic prepositions as well. The Arabic grammar consists of five branches-

  • Derivation: a study of the origin of words
  • Morphology: forms of words in a vocabulary
  • Rhetoric: quality of sentence formation
  • Syntax: related to the inflection of words in Arabic
  • Lexicon: an explanation of vocabulary

     Focusing on improving these pillars of the Arabic language is the most important step in learning the language. Whether going through online tuitions or offline Media, capturing the above points will help in improving language skills.

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