learn Arabic for kids


learn Arabic for kids :

     Learn Arabic for kids the more competent they become in reading this important language. First of all, Muslim children must know that Arabic is the language of the Quran; the book that was revealed upon the prophet to convey the noble message included in it to the whole people. They need to know that those who are superior among the Muslim ummah are those who learn Quran and those who teach it

at an early age is important for your child to command Quran reading while he is young.

learn Arabic for kids

Every Muslim need to learn Quran for kids, at least for their obliged prayer; but before learning the Quran, they need to learn its language; the Arabic language. So, they need to know how important the Arabic language is for them as Muslims before being important for non-Muslims. Al-Azhar Arabic teaching sets a very comprehensive curriculum for children to learn Arabic online. They will learn how to pronounce the letters first, because as everybody knows that to learn a new language; you need to learn its letters first as a key to this language.

After they become competent with the letters, teachers will teach them the short vowels (Fatha, ummah, and kasrah), then they will move to the long vowels (alef-mad, waw-mad, and yaa-mad). When the students perfect these chapters, they will move to the Yukon, how doubled letters written in Arabic, and the nunnation in Arabic.

The student will learn the two kinds of (Al ال). Then children will acquire the ability to read Arabic languages, accordingly, they will be able to read the Quran. Parents can have free access to our online material, such as books and videos.

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