Islamic Courses

Islamic Courses.
It was a great achievement when a Muslim decided to embrace Islam and to leave the misguidance in which he arose on.
Becoming a Muslim requires a simple act, it gives life an entirely new meaning; it lifts many responsibilities and replaces them with the single aim of living life in the way that Allah wants you to live it.

Learning Religious Knowledge.

When you become a Muslim, you have to live by the way of Allah and Islam. There is a lot to learn about that and some things to unlearn from your previous culture or religion. The Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] said: “For him who follows a path for seeking knowledge, God will ease for him the path to Paradise.” [Sahih Muslim]. Therefore, you must give priority to learn Islamic education.
 Being a Muslim is a major part of your identity now. Accordingly, it is your mission to educate yourself and find a way to learn what you need about your religion, hence the importance of Islamic courses is shown, which lead the Muslim to know the instructions of Islam and follow it.
If Muslims will follow all the instructions of Islam and act on them, they will become the best nation in the world.

 The importance of studying Islam.

Islamic Studies is an essential part of growing up in any culture an environment, Islamic courses involve all necessary education of Islam. Learning the Obligatory Knowledge of the religion makes one able to discriminate between what is allowed (halal) to Muslim and what is prohibited (haram), what is valid and what is invalid, what is acceptable and what is rejected, in addition to what classified by the rules of the religion as good or bad.

With the knowledge of religion, one knows how to buy and sell and how to conduct a marriage contract. How to be obedient to his parents and how to treat his relatives and neighbours kindly, one knows how to speak, what to say and for what reason one could speak.

What Islamic courses can provide?

To provide Islamic courses is to allow the right knowledge of Islam to be taught to all Muslims, be they adults or children. Rather than a Muslim living his life believing or practising something wrong, formal Islamic education from these courses will enable him to learn about Islam from trained teachers and reliable resources provided to them. Islamic courses make it possible and convenient for an entire family to come together and study the Quran to gain a richer understanding of their faith. Parents or grandparents may not have 100 per cent of this knowledge, as they may not have gone to classes formally for all aspects of Islam.

There are many institutes can offer Islamic courses for candidates. Through these courses, one can get connected to qualified and experienced teachers.

 They promote and bring the student the facility to learn Islamic studying. These courses are available all time and draws on a variety of fields, including Religion, Anthropology, History, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Seerah, Hadeeth and Arabic language and literature to shed light on the multiple expressions of Islam as a religious tradition and other Islamic Manners and Etiquettes.

Short courses are liked by many people as these could end in a short time and these also economical. It is helpful for people in all areas of life. Complete guidance is available for all areas of life and followers of Islam are able to get support in solving their problems.

Dear brothers in Islam, Islamic courses will help you in spreading Islam to different parts of the world by Islamic education. Followers of Islam must act on the teachings of Islam to make sure that others could follow them for their progress in this world as well as in the next world. Practicality is an important thing, when Muslims would show practical examples for others; they would accept Islam for their benefits.

Based on what was above-mentioned, a bit of advice to you is to commit yourselves to the sessions and circles of Islamic Knowledge. Listen, learn, comprehend, and ensure that the notes are accurate. In addition, try to pass on this knowledge to others as was taken exactly, without any addition or omission.

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