Islamic Arabic non speakers

Islamic Arabic [non-speakers]

    Islamic Arabic non speakers course. There is a reiterating need inside most [human beings] to find out the real purpose of life.  You cannot find the purpose until you find true the answers to those existential questions insisting within your mind; how and why you were created, and where you are destined to. That is why searching for the truth was and still is the noblest goal in man’s journey on earth.


teach Arabic for non speakers
teach Arabic for non-speakers

     There is also a strong need inside each human being to live in internal peace and harmony with the whole universe. Most people have a deep yearning to know their Creator, to listen to His messages, to seek His Guidance and to realize the wisdom behind all tribulations, hardships, and pains of life. There is a deep subconscious feeling inside each of knowing God. People are pushing by that inside feeling to find true faith so that their minds can be at peace.

    The only source that can give us internal peace and true answers to our existential questions should be a divine one; it should be a revelation from the Creator; a revelation that kept safe from distortion. That is the Quran; the revelation of God to His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Quran is the Holy Book of Islam and the divine guidance to all human beings.

What is [Islamic] Arabic non speakers?

What is [Islamic] Arabic non speakers
What is [Islamic] Arabic non speakers

     Islam is the true Message of God that respects human mind and encourages a man to read and be the reasoning. For long ages, the human mind has been suffering oppression and irrationalism under the authority of the clergy who banned reasoning in medieval ages. Then Islam came to release the human mind from its destructive obstacles and to urge man to think. That is why the man was ordered in the first revelation of the Quran to “Read.”


Islamic Arabic non speakers and the human mind:

Islamic Arabic non speakers and the human mind:
Islamic Arabic non speakers and the human mind:

     When you read through the [Holy Quran], you feel astonished by the number of verses that encourage a man to use reason, to think and to contemplate. [“No soul can believe except by God’s will, and He brings disgrace on those who do not use their reason.”] (Quran, Chapter 10, Verse 100). Thus Islam is insisting on human beings to use their reason as the only way to lead them to true faith in Allah (God).  Then Allah tells us in the Holy Quran that reasoning is Allah’s grace that He bestowed upon man to distinguish between animals, us and those [who do not use their reason to know their Lord] are going astray and will be losers in the Hereafter.

    Look at how Allah the Almighty describes those who disbelieve in Him: “Do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle– no, they are further from the path.” (Quran, Chapter 25, Verse 44)

characteristic of Islam

     Thus Islam’s very special characteristic is that it gives [high value to human] intellect and invites humans to walk through the land to explore the beginning of creation. “Say, ‘Travel throughout the earth and see how He brings life into being: and He will bring the next life into being. God has power over all things.” (Quran, Chapter 29, Verse 20). That is why Islam attracts many intellectuals from all over the world. One of those famous intellectuals who converts to Islam is Dr. Jeffrey Lang, the American Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas. Dr. Lang turned from atheism to Islam after he found answers to all his past questions.

     That was when his Muslim friend gave him a copy of the Holy Quran and some books on Islam for non-Muslims. He said that as a mathematician, his mind is used to dealing with facts and figures to find concrete answers. His mathematical mind found it difficult to believe in religion. Because most religions require faith by acceptance and do not answer man’s logical questions. However, while reading the Quran, Lang found answers to all his questions about why man has to suffer pain and hardship in life. He found logic and concrete answers in the Quran and realized that Islam respects man’s reasoning.

Islamic [history]

Islamic history is full of examples of scientists. They present the origins of most sciences such as algebra, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, and sociology to the modern world. Those Muslim scientists proved that Islam encouraged Muslims to use their minds, to explore and attain beneficial knowledge.

Arabic is the most ancient languages

Islam’s concept of Adam’s sin

The religion of Islam rectifies the reason why Allah sent the man to earth in the minds of all non-Muslims.  Allah did not send Adam and Eve to earth as a kind of punishment for their slip; that is how Allah described Adam’s sin in the Quran: “a slip.” Allah had forgiven Adam’s slip shortly after his descent to earth: “Then Adam received some words from his Lord, and He accepted his repentance: He is the Ever Relenting, the Most Merciful.” (Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 37). Allah created Adam mainly to be Allah’s vicegerent on earth.

Allah the Almighty sent him and his wife to the earth because they were created and meant to live there. In case of establishing the life of mankind on earth. Thus, the man was not punished by living on earth. So, all the sufferings, tribulations and pain are meant to cause a man to grow, to be stronger, wiser and closer to Allah.


Man’s relation with God in Islam

    Islam meant to redefine man’s relation with God. In Islam, there is no intervention between man and the Creator. No priests have the power to receive confessions or to give the instruments of forgiveness. All Muslims need to do is to prostrate themselves to Allah in prayer and ask for forgiveness. “[Prophet], if My servants ask you about Me, I am near. I respond to those who call Me, so let them respond to Me, and believe in Me, so that they may be guided.” (Quran, Chapter: 2, Verse: 186). Thus Islam has overthrown all symbols of the priesthood and cleared the way to Allah from any kind of intervention. Prostrating yourself before Him (Sujood) in prayer is the direct way to Allah, and the closest position of Him can be achieved. Moreover, Islam considers making Duaa (supplications) as a high level of worship.


Prophets in Islam

    Actually, all Muslims require to believe in all Prophets and Messengers of Allah. Especially, who mentioned in Islam and other heavenly religions e.g.[ Noah,  David (Dawood), Solomon (Soliman), Ibrahim, Isaac (Ishaq),  Ismail, Jacob (Ya’kob), Josef (Yousef), Moses (Mousa), Jonas (Younis) Jesus (Issa), and the last of them, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all]. In the Holy Quran Allah (SWT) makes it clear that Jesus is a human Prophet and a Messenger of Allah and his purified and blessed mother, Mary (Mariam) is a saint.

     All Prophets came with the same message of Islam which is monotheism: [to worship one God, the Almighty Allah, and not to associate anything with Him, to establish prayer, pay alms and achieve justice and do righteous deeds]. Thus Islam unifies all the Messengers and Prophets of Allah under the same banner of faith.

At the end of this article, I invite all non-Muslims to read the Holy Quran, but with a mind seeking for the truth. As you know, life is very short, and we will soon move back to our Creator. Only those who hold faith in Him will be winners of His Paradise while others will be the inhabitants of Hellfire, may Allah rescue all of us from it.


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