Q1. What are the benefits of learning Quran language online from Al Azhar Arabic teaching?
<p><span class=”s1″>Online learning helps people to learn the language without distance and time affecting one’s wish to learn. One can learn the language from anywhere in the world and at any time. The teachers are available according to the schedule of the students at all times.</span></p>
Q2. What are the special features of online learning?
Online learning helps people to learn the language without distance and time affecting one’s wish to learn. One can learn the language from anywhere in the world and at any time. The teachers are available according to the schedule of the students at all times.
Q3. What are the online courses available and how will that affect learner?
There are number of courses available at the most popular Islamic Academy, Al-Azhar teaching. Mainly there are Academic Arabic, Classic Arabic, Arabic for business, Arabic for children, Arabic online conversation, and Egyptian Dialect. There are courses available for people from every facet of the society.
Q4. Are the courses also available for children?
<p><span class=”s1″>Yes, online classes are also available for children.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>As early one starts to learn this language the more competent they become. Al-Azhar Teaching has classes for children that not only teach about Arabic vocabulary but also teaches dialects. The Academy starts with basics for children but also makes advanced courses for them as well.</span></p>
Q5. What is the intensive Arabic learning?
<p><span class=”s1″>With so many non-natives learning Arabic language it has become important to sketch out special techniques to teach them so that purity and ethnicity of the language remains undisturbed. So the intensive Arabic learning mainly has 8 steps involved in it. They are teaching voices, teaching speech, teaching the rules of the language, teaching terms, teaching listening, teaching reading, teaching writing, teaching way. These steps not only enlighten non-natives about the language but also the right way to follow to achieve perfection in the language.</span></p>
Q6. Why should one choose Al-Azhar Academy to learn Quran and Arabic?
<p><span class=”s1″>Al-Azhar Academy is the most popular Islamic University in the world. For Al-Azhar Academy student’s comfort is their main priority. University provides comprehensive curriculum for the learners and a schedule that prepares student to read and write the language. New educational techniques are also updated to make it easy for the learners to grasp the study material. There are well qualified teachers to work according to the student’s schedule.</span></p>
Q7. What role is played by the teacher in online learning of the language?
<p><span class=”s1″>The teachers are well qualified and very supportive. One can check the teacher’s qualification and select the teacher accordingly before starting the course. The teacher will be patient with student and carry the course according to the student’s understanding. The teacher will teach student to be gradual and be able to differentiate short and tall syllables. They also assist with simple expressions through writing examples and limited didactic activities.</span></p>
Q8. What is the course and fee structure for the entire leaning period?
<p><span class=”s1″>Ans. There are basically 4 groups in which the course is divided into. They are mainly Plan A with one and half hour per week sessions for $53 on monthly basis; Plan B with three hours per week sessions for $105 on monthly basis; Plan C with 4.5 hours per week sessions for $158 on monthly basis and plan D according to the student’s leisure.</span></p>
Q9. How will the beginners benefit from this learning programme?
<p>Arabic is known to be one of the holiest and most important languages in the world as it is the language of Holy Quran. It not only has a massive spread but also preserves the grammatical rules that make it one of the main languages to be learnt. Arabic language’s contribution towards the cultural diversity of European nations is very well known and is considered to be the basics of the learning. It is also considered to be of essential value as it a sea full of words and expressions that is an entrance to the civilized and ancient heritage.</p>
Q11. Can the teaching hours be made flexible?
<p><span class=”s1″>Yes we have plans made for different categories of students. We have Plan D under which students join the online classes according to their free time available to them. The time and distance problem will not matter as online classes can be flexible for those who have timing issues.</span></p>
Q12. How is Arabic language beneficial for business purpose?
<p><span class=”s1″>Corporate Programmer is for those who have to travel for work or are planning to relocate to Egypt, the Gulf countries, and Arab nations. For them the language can be a barrier so, to remove that barrier and knowing Arabic Language can prove to be very beneficial. Under Corporate Programmer one can improve their linguistic and cultural skills that will help them to overcome the language barrier and succeed in their workplace.</span></p>
Q13. What resources are made available to the students?
<p><span class=”s1″>Books related to the course, videos, online conversations are made available to students so that they can learn the language as fast as possible. Worksheets are also there for regular practice. The more one practices, the faster he or she can learn the language. The course material includes everything, from beginners to advanced literary tutorial. Different subjects are also there for different levels of learners.</span></p>
Q14. What should be the eligibility of the student to join the class?
<p><span class=”s1″>Anyone can learn Quran and Arabic language as it can be very helpful to those who learn it. From children to businessmen can learn this language for better understanding of this language and apply it in the day to day life.</span></p>
Q15. Why is it necessary to learn Arabic language?
<p><span class=”s1″>As the world is growing and the business prospects are growing in the countries where Arabic language is well used, the need to learn the language itself has grown. Being the fifth most spoken language, Arabic is very necessary to learn, understand and to be able to make others understand has become very important. Hence, it has become necessary to learn Quran and Arabic language for one and all.</span></p>