Egyptian dialect

Online Arabic courses are teaching Egyptian dialect classes :

In the first place, one of our online Arabic courses is teaching Egyptian dialect for non- Arabic speakers. Egyptian dialect is the most understandable Arabic dialect, after the classic Arabic. Who does want to learn the Egyptian dialect classes? Those who have businesses in Egypt, those who just come for visits, and, those who come to Egypt for tourism need to learn the Egyptian dialect to contact their partners there.

In addition, they can use it if they have to move to any other Arab country for business or any purpose. Also, Al-Azhar Arabic teaching makes it available, and easy for non-Arabic speakers to learn Egyptian dialect easily online.

Egyptian dialect classes
Egyptian dialect classes


Why Al-Azhar Arabic Online Academy?

Because most of its teachers are Egyptian natives, they are chosen by the most qualified teachers; they have a great ability to teach the Egyptian dialect classes competently.  Also, Egyptian Arabic dialect is a gate to understand and know an interesting and amazing culture.

And, you can join Al-Azhar Arabic Online academy and learn Arabic dialect with the most qualified, and competent teachers, and learn a new culture which will be a gateway to other cultures.

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