Duaa course is one of the voluntary forms and acts of worship preached by Islam. Muslims often recite a few verses of Duaas at various times of the day to gain the forgiveness and satisfaction of Allah. There are specific verses

The prophet said
The prophet said


Since all of these Duaas are brought together in various books and collections for ease of practice, one must know that these were the verses that Muhammad recited while offering supplication to God. There are two types of Duaa course, namely the Duaa of asking and the Duaa of worship. In close connection with the Duaa course.

Salat is the obligatory prayers. Also, salat mentioned in the Holy Quran that Allah loves those who persist in supplication. Therefore it is imperative to pronounce and recite the Duaas perfectly at all times.

The theme of the course :

This course is aimed at teaching the correct way of invocation to young students or new reverts to Islam who are still learning the various forms of worshipping and seeking the grace of God. The correct way of reciting every verse is extremely important in Islam. A select few of the supplications.

Description of the course  :

Azkar is the invocations that Muslims articulate at specific times of the day seeking refuge with Allah and asking for his protection from evil. That Muslims should supplicate by reciting specific Duaas at definite times for seeking the satisfaction and forgiveness of God. For instance.

These are the means of praising God, The course teaches the reason why any dedicated Muslim should not forget to supplicate daily. The tutors also explain the meanings behind each verse and how it should be said. For example, when one is retiring for the day, one must make wudhu, dust off the bed three times.

This helps in warding off the evil.  Reciting the Surah Fathiha and the Surah Ikhlaas.

Goals and objectives :

After that recitation of Duaas is one of the most important voluntary acts of worship and every Muslim must know how to supplicate properly to reap the benefits of Duaa. Our goals include

  • To teach the meanings as well as the reason behind the supplications to be said before going out or coming into the house, before entering and exiting the washroom or bathroom, before eating or drinking anything and so on.
  • To make the student understand the importance of starting everything in the name of God.

Who should take this course?

SO anyone who wants their good deeds to be accepted by Allah on the Judgment Day should take up this course. Basic knowledge of Arabic is necessary for this course.


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