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ISLAMIC STUDIES FOR KIDS( How can I teach my kids Islam )

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] ISLAMIC STUDIES FOR KIDS( How can I teach my kids Islam ) :   Are you stressed about your kids if they know enough about Islam? Do you want to give your kids [Islamic studies online]? You need to introduce Islam to your children, yet can’t due to your extreme schedule? If this is […]


DUAA COURSE REMEMBERING ALLAH “AZKAR”(  How can we make Duaa ) : Duaa course is one of the voluntary forms and acts of worship preached by Islam. Muslims often recite a few verses of Duaas at various times of the day to gain the forgiveness and satisfaction of Allah. There are specific verses . Since all […]

New Muslim Course

New Muslim Course New Muslim Course to support them to learn about Islam. Most people find a connection to the new religion instantly, but their journey in the new field after Shahada can be quite difficult. For them, [New Muslim Course] has been designed to help them get into their new lifestyle easily. New Muslims […]

Revert to Islam Courses

Revert to Islam Courses Islam considers being the religion of love, peace, and harmony. The people who follow Islam as their religion believe that every person is born a Muslim in the sense that every child believes in and worships the one supreme power. Thus, when a person following another faith converts to Islam, they […]

Tafsir al Quran online classes (explanation of Holy Quran)

Tafsir al Quran classes (explanation of the Holy Quran) In the first place, there are many non-Muslims or newly located foreigners who want to learn the beautiful Holy text, Quran. For them, there can be confusion on how to go about learning the Quran. It can be very difficult to use a dictionary for understanding It. […]