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Quranic Arabic (learning Quranic Arabic Online)

  Quranic Arabic ( learning Quranic Arabic online ) Arabic is an ancient language and has many styles of dialect which changes with the different regions it is spoken in. The Middle Eastern countries have varying degrees of complexities and inflections of similar words. All of these variations have stemmed from the [Quranic Arabic] which  considered to […]


ADVANCED ARABIC STUDIES :     The Arabic language is one of the few languages that have changed a lot regarding written and spoken the lingo. Various parts of the Middle East have different accents even though they belong to primarily Arabic speaking country. The classical Arabic, which is the language in which the Holy Quran is […]

Classic Arabic (Fusha)

Classic Arabic (Fusha) : Arabic is the essential language apart from English on Earth, with more than 450 local speakers in 22 countries. The significance of Arabic is developing for a long time. However, Arabic is one of the difficult languages to learn because it is a Semitic dialect. So learning it would be a […]

learn Egyptian Dialect

learn Egyptian Dialect courses learn Egyptian Dialect courses helps you to know. what is the Egyptian language? Are you keen to learn it? The Egyptian tongue has turned out to be broadly known in the Arab world because of Egypt’s motion music and movies. In this way, it is a helpful dialect not only in […]

New Muslim Course

  New Muslim Course New Muslim Course to support them to learn about Islam. Most people find a connection to the new religion instantly, but their journey in the new field after Shahada can be quite difficult. For them, [New Muslim Course] has been designed to help them get into their new lifestyle easily. New […]


ONLINE ARABIC FOR SPECIAL NEEDS special needs Arabic online is a service provided by our site. Arabic is one of the most ancient languages of the world. It is spoken mainly in the Middle Eastern countries with many variations of the Modern Standard Arabic. However, many people continue to learn this language for many different […]

Egyptian dialect

Online Arabic courses are teaching Egyptian dialect classes : In the first place, one of our online Arabic courses is teaching Egyptian dialect for non- Arabic speakers. Egyptian dialect is the most understandable Arabic dialect, after the classic Arabic. Who does want to learn the Egyptian dialect classes? Those who have businesses in Egypt, those […]

Arabic online conversation

Arabic online conversation Join Course Now : This course (learning Arabic online conversation) is for advanced students. Al-Azhar Arabic teaching set this online course for students who can read Arabic and want to improve their Arabic speaking. In this course (learning Arabic online conversation), teachers try to help students speak in Arabic by discussing Arabic books […]

Arabic for business

Arabic language Al-Azhar Arabic (Online Arabic business courses) : The Arabic language is the fifth spoken language in the world. People need to learn it for many reasons. Also, Muslims need to learn Arabic because they need to read the Quran, the book of God; the book that was revealed to the prophet Muhammed (PUH), the […]

Academic Arabic

Academic Arabic : This online course is one of Al-Azhar Arabic teaching courses. Also, learners of Islamic Sharia can find a lot of qualified imams who have graduated from AL-Azhar university. It tends to help learners who want to join any Arabic academic university or those who have some academic Arabic studies. This course will […]