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The best five websites to learn Arabic online.

The best five websites to learn Arabic online. Introduction: Welcome to the world of online language learning, where the pursuit of knowledge knows no boundaries. Arabic, a rich and captivating language with a history that spans millennia, has captured the fascination of learners worldwide. Whether you’re looking to explore the language for travel, academic, cultural, […]

10  Steps Of Learning Quran For Beginners

                                        10  Steps Of Learning Quran For Beginners   Reading the Qur’an daily is one of the important things that benefit its owner in this world and the hereafter   Education in childhood is much easier than education in old age, but a Muslim does not refrain from memorizing the Qur’an Due to his old […]

Arabic Pronouns

In Arabic Pronouns, Subject Pronoun Is More Specific Than Other Languages There are two types of pronouns in Arabic dictionary, one is Attach Pronoun, and the other is Detach Pronoun. Usually, pronouns take the place of a noun and function as a subject of the sentence. So Arabic Pronouns are also divided into two parts- The subject […]