Basic Quran reading course


Basic Quran reading course :

Every Muslim wants to read and understand the Quran, but due to some of the other reason, it gets delayed. It’s never too late to learn the Holy Quran. To start understanding the Holy Quran one must start with the basics. Whether it is alphabets or movements, it may create confusion on which to start first. This question often arises for those who are willing to learn a new language. There is when Basic Quran Reading course comes into form. Let’s know more about it.

Quran Memorization Course
Quran Memorization Course

The Theme of course :

We provide online Basic Quran Reading courses and learning techniques not only for mastering the basics of learning the Holy text but also learning to read Arabic in a short period. The course is mainly focused on making a tough course for newcomers exciting, fun and fast. The course makes it easy for Muslims or Non-Muslims new at learning the Quran.

Quran Memorization Course
Quran Memorization Course

Description of course :

The course is teaching basics of Quran Reading to new students so that it becomes easy for them to learn to read and understand Quran Reading. Some people are completely new to the course. With the help of exercises and assignments, students are made competent in learning the Quranic Arabic.

It also prepares the students to understand the study materials completely and master the art of reading and understanding the text completely. Students start with alphabets, then three movements that consist of short vowels, long vowels, consonant, doubled letters, etc., of the Arabic at the beginning of the course and then move on to another after mastering the first one. The course looks into the practical and theoretical perspective of the rules used while reading and conversing with the students.


Our Goals and objectives :

a goal is to achieve 100% perfection in being able to read and understand the Holy Text faster.

  • To master reading of the Holy Quran with perfection
  • To learn all the alphabets and vowels properly
  • To learn some of the basic grammatical rules of Arabic
  • To help students develop reading skills with a minimum grammatical error
  • To learn different shapes of the letters
  • Understand how to pronounce heavy and light letters

The main objective of the course is to help students learn the basic of Quran step by step so that they can become competent in reading the Holy text confidently. Our course has been specially designed to help students to understand, speak and write the dialect without any mistakes. We take pride in presenting some good students from all over the world.

We also try to provide Egyptian Dialect classes to one and all from anywhere and at any time. Without the barrier of distance and convenience of a flexible schedule makes it easy for students can learn the language at the convenience of their place. We also try to help foreign students by developing their conversational skills in students so that they can speak without making mistakes or foreign accent.

Who should take this Course?

Any Muslim or non- Muslims who want to be able to recite, speak and understand the Holy text can join the course irrespective of their age, gender or nationality. People, who want to learn the recitation of this wonderful text Holy Quran, can join the course too.

People who are relocating to Arab nations or are planning to join the universities can learn this language to make it easier for themselves to communicate easily with others. With basic Quran reading course, one can also join research work without any difficulty. This field has a lot of scope and people can join this course to get the benefit of culturally rich language.


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