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learn Arabic Online for beginners

Learn Arabic Online It is enough to clarify the virtual of the Arabic language to mention that it is the language of the Noble Qur’an, the eternal miracle, which was revealed to be the way of life of people until the Day of Judgment. Among them is the Almighty’s saying: (And We have certainly presented […]

Learn Arabic Online

Learn Arabic Online Which Second Language Is Quite Popular Around The Globe? Want to learn a new language that is very popular around the globe? Then you must choose the Arabic language. There Nearly 200 million people all around the world are speaking the Arabic language. From Asia to Africa, a huge population resides who […]

Arabic classes online

  Arabic classes : Arabic classes online to learn the language. In details, The Arabic language is the language that gives identity to the Arab society and makes them aware of the history of the Arab .science the inception of Islam Arabic is the oral language of the Islamic world. Islamic holy book, the Quran, […]

Learn Egyptian Arabic

  Learn Egyptian Arabic     Learn Egyptian Arabic as you know Egypt is an ancient country. And while Arabic is one of the ancient languages of the world which is widely spoken across the globe today, Learn Egyptian Arabic is not quite the same as Arabic. If you are among some people going to […]

Arabic Pronouns

In Arabic Pronouns, Subject Pronoun Is More Specific Than Other Languages There are two types of pronouns in Arabic dictionary, one is Attach Pronoun, and the other is Detach Pronoun. Usually, pronouns take the place of a noun and function as a subject of the sentence. So Arabic Pronouns are also divided into two parts- The subject […]