Arabic Schools Globally


Arabic Schools Globally :

Arabic schools welcome all the nationalities, races, creeds, and countries. Many people who already have sought to learn Arabic; they think that joining Arabic schools globally is the first step forward. Also, some people believe that joining Arabian countries is the best, and others start establishing their schools in Arabic schools globally.

The Academic System,

The academic system in Arabic schools globally is completely different from other schools. The main aim of the Arabic schools is to prepare leaders around the world, to know the art of dealing with each other and the art of decision making. Furthermore, many schools globally are focusing on planning summer camps for the students, to enhance their skills and beliefs in life. As a result, the student would be able to depend on himself and gain confidence. Besides, for the non-Arabic speaker’s students; the schools establish a special and well-prepared hall to practice the language through new technology.

Arabic Schools Globally course
Arabic Schools Globally

Muslim Countries invest their efforts,

Many countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan invest their efforts to establish Arabic schools globally in the foreign countries; however, the Muslim countries like Malaysia start establishing new schools globally to benefit her students. To add more, the Arabian countries like Egypt, especially Al-Azhar University launches every year scholarships for non-Arabic speakers, and it is the biggest school globally about Islam in the world.

Arabic Schools Globally
Arabic Schools Globally

The Identity of the Arabic Language,

Arabic schools globally seek for the identity through many steps. Firstly, they imposed all the curriculum in Arabic, so the student has no way except learning Arabic in Arabic schools by all means. For example, in the first year for the non-Arabic speakers in Al-Azhar University; they are asked to memorize one chapter of the Holy Quran in one year; however, for Arabians, they are asked only to memorize 7 and a half chapters per year.

Secondly, Al-Azhar :

And many universities around the world launch Arabic learning sessions by Arabic schools to foster the students’ skills. Besides, many scholars and professors set learning sessions about Islamic studies. Also, the Arabic language is the main source to understand how to worship Allah correctly. By the time, the Arabic Language to embrace all nationalities and all languages.

This language by the end of the 12century was the language of civilization and knowledge. Moreover, the knowledge ‘s tongue at that time was Arabic and lasts for more than eight centuries; for that reason, the Mulsim Ummah was and still strong by more of Arabic schools globally. Then, all the European scientists came to translate all this heritage to Latin.

Through joining Arabic schools globally, all the student would be able to immerse their selves in the country’s culture. They stand for a long time to master this language, not only the language, but the Islamic studies in Arabic schools globally, like Jurisdiction, Hadith, Prophet’s biography, and exegesis. In addition to, the linguistics.

How the Arabic Schools make use of the Summer vacation,

The Middle East consists of many countries; every country has nuances Arabic schools globally different than others. As a result, in the summer, the student can take quick insight to discover the country, he studies in. Try to practice the Arabic language at the Arabic schools globally as much as he can; also he must stick to the Arabian friends. Student through his journey must struggle to find the right track, and go through it. Many countries establish annually intensive programs for non-Arabic speakers. This is considered a chance to strengthen your ability to communicate and find out more customs., such as the accents that differ from country to other. You are going to face the (MSA) Modern Standard Arabic and the colloquial Arabic in Arabic schools globally.

Arabic schools globally are committed to the humanitarian aspects. They are aware of respect of each other, no matter what is his or her gender, nationality, color, and religion. The must know how to live in peace with other communities.

Teachers in Arabic Schools globally,

Any teacher in Arabic schools globally must be a role model for his students. Every teacher has to share the good taste of the Arabic Language with his students because it is the language of the Holy Quran. So, the teacher in any Arabic schools must have a sense of interesting and enthusiasm while he teaches. Consequently, the student would be able to gain the knowledge to use the language correctly to communicate with others. Also, through communication, he could enhance his fluency, presentation, and way of thinking. To add more, a teacher can direct his student to use the terminology of the language in the act of gaining in many Arabic schools globally.

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