Arabic Lessons

Arabic Lessons

Arabic Lessons

ARABIC  Lessons To Learn

    As a matter of fact, The Arabic language is a central language. Islamic nations speak this language across the globe. Being a sacred language of Quran, Arabic is the official language of the Arab League nations &More than 300 million people speak Arabic across the world.


Parts of the Arabic language(Arabic lessons)

As a matter of fact, The Arabic language comprises two major dialects that are mostly used. These dialects are-

  • Classical Arabic – It is the language of the Quran and is more official. professionals use This mostly for academic purposes like writing newspapers and books.
  • Modern Arabic – It is the commonly spoken dialect of Arabic. Arabs use It in communicating on a daily basis. This is, in fact, the preferred dialect for learning Arabic as it is uniform across all Islamic nations.
Learn ARABIC  Lessons.
Learn Arabic  Lessons.

     In fact, Arabic alphabets made up of 28 letters.  Arabs write These letters in cursive style. The direction is from right to left which is opposite to the western style of writing. The alphabets consist of mostly consonants and few vowels. Also, the words separated by the use of dots near the letters. Pronunciation and sounds are similar to western sound with few exceptions.

    Also, Arabic vocabulary is one of the most extensive vocabularies in the world. Multiple synonyms for various words are found in Arabic dictionary which makes it slightly difficult to grasp.

    Additionally, professionals comprise Arabic grammar of five branches dealing with topics ranging from the origin of words to inflection to quality of sentences formed. With proper knowledge of grammar, Arabic becomes a fairly easy language to learn and practice.

What can be mediums to learn Arabic?

the basics of learn Arabic language

    You can take Arabic lessons through offline coaching centers that provide training in the Arabic language. These institutes provide a proper environment for learning Arabic through group discussions and personal introduction methods.

    Another cheaper and convenient mode of learning is through online websites. Various online sites offer free Arabic coaching through video and audio classes.

     Lastly, practice and conversing with native Arabic speakers further enhance the spoken Arabic skills of the learner. The more one converses, the more he grabs a better hold over grammar and vocabulary of Arabic.


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