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     The Arabic language is one of the international languages defined by one letter that is not found in any other languages.  Because it is the language of the Islamic religion.

Arabic learning resources ‘ The great traditional Arabic building Arabic learning resources’

     The Holy Quran and it is language considered one of the formal languages in many countries of the world. With Arabic language resources, Every Arab person must keep speaking Classical Arabic.  And to pronounce it fluently because it is the identity of the Arab people so he must be proud of it and keep using it in his speech using Arabic learning resources.

Speaking the language fluently:

       There are some ways and means that help to learn the language easily and fluently such as:

-Getting used to speak in Arabic eloquently; as one of the means helping in speaking Arabic well is to keep speaking in only Arabic through using many Classical Arabic words during conversations with others or memorizing some of the poetic lines.  And keep repeating it continuously with the course of Arabic learning resources.

-Keep reading as it is the most helpful and successful means that make the person able to speak Arabic because it adds to the reader’s linguistic dictionary, which may be completely new to him. So it helps him develop his linguistic skills perfected in the course of Arabic learning.

Conversation with people as it is good to share people in their dialogues that care to speak in Classical Arabic courses.  And Arabic literature as they can use lots of linguistic terms. Conversation with others helps to apply the art of speaking in public.  And in front of people, which strengthen his way of speaking and his character during speaking fluently.

-Taking part in learning courses which are making conversation lessons of fluency that contributes to helping them strengthen their abilities in speaking fluency. Ignorance of the Arabic language is the reason for deviation as weakness in Arabic knowledge.  And its terms and structure lead to the massive falsehood of scientists as bin Gini said, “The most people of the falsehood of sharia who have deviated from its perfect path, indeed its reason to do this is his weakness in this holy.  And great language which all people  address in it.”

To understand the book of Allah:

    Using Arabic learning resources, courses, it is a must for every person who wants to understand the Book of Allah to learn Arabic.  And understand its meaning. Due to the massive spread of Arabic, it is considered one of the main languages which students seek to learn,  especially the non- natives to know the beauty of its words as it is the only language that is still preserving its grammatical rules till today. Because it is the language of Islam, Muslims, and the Holy Quran.

     One of the resources to learn Arabic is to use words from Classical Arabic books during conversation helps in making the person more fluent as through listening he can master the proper way of articulation and recognizing their sounds. Reading continuously consider the best way to make the person speak fluently. One of the best resources also learning Arabic.  And memorizing big amounts of terms is to learn the Quran and its interpretation being a good Muslim.

Arabic learning resources Arabic learning resources[/caption]

Importance of the Arabic language:

    The Arabic language is an adorable one as it is a unique language and it is the speech of the people of Janna. Arabic learning resources are One of the famous scientists speaks about the importance of Arabic saying, “This language reached the level of perfection in the center of the desert among a bunch of people who were called Bedouins.  And surpassed the other languages by the accuracy of its meanings and structures. Arabic’s words almost depict nature as if its words are steps of conscience and beats of hearts.

The sincere Muslim must be truthful towards this grateful language as it is the language of Islam.  And the Messenger of Allah who is the most fluent of the Arabs.  Also, which his fluency comes from the Book of Allah and the desert he was living in as we all know that he was an illiterate person.  The importance of the Arabic language to all the humanity which initially comes from their religion, civilization, and history.

The connection to the religion:
Arabic learning resources
Arabic learning resources

      So loving this language increases the connection to the religion, his understanding of the Holy Quran, the Prophetic tradition. And the comprehension of the culture of his civilization. Studying Arabic through the Quran and Arabic learning resources course.  The most eloquent Book ever makes the tongue straight without any curving as the Arabic tongue has the most clarity.  And lucidity free from any ambiguity or weak meaning. The origin of knowledge.  And languages is Allah as He says in the Quran, “Taught man that which he not knew”.  And also said, “And Allah has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing.  Also, he made for you hearing and vision and hearts.

The language of all Arabs:
Arabic learning resources
Arabic learning resources

     ” AlRafii (may Allah bless his soul) said, “The Holy Quran revealed in the Arabic language in a form. Which is miraculous in it’s both more and few so he is like a light in its structure. And it is like this because it has purified the language from its spoil and ruffle. And it is known by necessity that the Quran has joined the whole Arabs on one language.  Also, preserved the Arabic language from any replacement or change while mixing with other nationalities from foreigners.  And makes it stay steady in front of aliens from the foreigner languages. Without the Holy Quran and its rhetoric secrets, the Arabs would not unite on one language.

      The effect of the Holy Quran on the Language is shown in doing it on the way they pronounce because without this Holy Book there were not found a single person.  Whether he is black or white who know about the Arabic language, its letters. And points of articulations you will learn all of that in Arabic learning resources course.


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