Arabic language basic

Arabic language basic:

     Arabic language basic is one of the holiest and important languages in the world because it is the language of the Holy Quran and it is in its self a miraculous language to be echoed and imitated. Basic Arabic language in scientific research on the most difficult languages. And, Arabic comes as the fourth languages all over the world. Due to the massive spread of the Arabic language, it considers one of the main languages. Which students seek to learn to know its great words as it is the only language that is still preserving its grammatical rules till today because it is the language of Islam, Muslims, and the Holy Quran.  Also, the Arabic language, basic contributes to many cultural signs of progress, especially the European leading to encouraging the European to recognize its words and letters.

The importance of Classical Arabic:

   Additionally, classical Arabic is the one that unites all the Arabic dialects.  And it is the formal language that is compulsory to be learned in Arabic schools. Arabic, basic Caring about learning, teaching.  And spreading the Arabic language is one of the basic steps in the progress of the Islamic nation. As Arabic is the key to the whole Islamic sciences without it we cannot understand the Holy Quran, the scriptures, the Prophetic tradition. And all the civilization and heritage of the nation. Basic Arabic language is considered as a Language has an essential value in the life of every nation as it is the tool that holds the ideas. And transmits the concepts. Which lead to establishing the connection ties between the one nation sons.

    Overall, basic Arabic is the tool and weapon that protect the nation and keep its identity and exist. So it is important for us to protect it from melting in the other civilizations. Arabic language basic is the identity and the tongue of the Arab nation. And it is the language of the literature, science, and life with all its meanings. Basic Arabic is like a sea full of words and expression that only belong to it. Basic Arabic language is the entrance that all world nations come through to the Arabic region. Which is rich with the civilized. And ancient heritage as the Arabic region contains too important ancient sites to the first rank in the whole world.

Arabic language basic
Arabic language basic

The language of the Holy Quran:

    In the first place, the Arabic language basic is the language of the Holy Quran. Which belong to the speech of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad to be an immortal message as it is a communication language between generations. And this is because the preservation of Allah to His Book which kept the language safe. Basic Arabic language has honor. And care which any other language did not have because Allah chose it among other languages to record His immortal words which cannot emulate. Allah says in the Holy Book, ” This is a clear Arabic tongue.” Language is the basic vessel that contains sciences, technology, culture, history, civilization. And the identity and if any nation could keep its language, it is like it is kept its dignity and honor.

     And, Some of the successors of the Prophet were aware of the significance of the Arabic language. So one of them said,” I swear by God, I would love to be satirized in Arabic better than to be praised in Persian.” AlShafii (May Allah have mercy on his soul) had said, “Every Muslim must exert his best to learn of the Arabic tongue until he witnesses that there is no deity but Allah, Prophet Muhammad is His servant. And Messenger recites the Holy Book and reminds Allah. Arabic basic as AlRafii said, “It is an image of the nation’s existence with its thoughts, meanings and the truth of its soul a special existence.” There is no nation that will degrade except by its language.

Arabic language basic
Arabic language basic

More about the Arabic language:

    In addition, Arabic is the seal with prophecy by the revelation which preserves by increase or decrease. The clue to true knowledge is the language which leads to horizons of science. And the complete understanding of the Holy Quran and the Prophetic tradition. Allah has chosen the Arab to select among them His seal Messenger and sent down His miraculous Book in their tongue.

     Also, Arabic is safe to humanitarian thoughts. Quran revelation in Arabic has proved that the Arabic basic has reached a higher rank of the validity of its means. And the richness of its energy and structures. Arabic reaches the level of linguistic perfection when the Quran revelation in it. And there is no doubt that the perfection of the language and the progress in its means OD performance. And diversion it is just a reflection of the generation’s nature who maintain this language. Classical Arabic connection with the Holy Quran is the reason why we adhere to the Arabic language. And invite people to study it fully to understand the Holy Quran as this Classical Arabic has maintained live for fourteen centuries. And will continue to be live until Allah’s will derive from the Quran which is the element of life.

The advantages of the Arabic language basic:

Arabic language basic
Arabic language basic

    Basic Arabic is considered a cherished language. And it will not go to extinction with the time pass. Because the Arabic language characterizes by eloquence as it is free of verbal complication. And the weakness of compilation and it has many terminologies.

The significance of the Arabic language:

     As a matter of fact, the religion of Islam cannot understand without the Basic Arabic language as it is the path to reach the Holy Quran.  And, the Prophetic tradition’s secret. And the connection between Arabic and Islam was a reason which contributes to its existence and spread in the world. Omer (may Allah be blessed by him) said, “Learn Arabic as it is part of your religion.”.  Arabic is an honor for the Muslim nations as the Muslim is proud of his Islam.  And, a civilization that has mortal for thousands of years, so every Arab person should know that Arabic is the needs of an Islamic country.  And, its personality and it is a vessel for knowledge and culture.

    In fact, Basic Arabic is the best way to know the nation’s character.  And personality as the thoughtful environment that was in the ancient ages.  And the way it developed could not understand except with the Arabic language. So the connection between the past and the present consider from any nation’s characterization. Basic Arabic is a joint resource between Arabic countries as all the Arab nations have the same religion, language, culture, and its variation. So through these elements. And Also, it is possible that these countries could unite. And become one nation, especially the existence of the same language. Which could use by dealing with people, commerce, communication, and economies?

Arabic is the most ancient languages:

Arabic is the most ancient languages

    In addition, many languages have used the Arabic language as it is known that Arabic is the most ancient languages on earth. And for example, The English language has taken so many words from Arabic into its dictionary. Allah chose the Arabic language to reveal the Holy Quran as Allah says to His Apostle, “So Muhammad. We have only made it (the Quran) easy in your tongue (the Arabic language) that you may give good tidings to thereby of the righteous. And warn thereby hostile people. ” There is no language that has taken this honor, the spiritual status, the strength and eloquence except the Arabic language.

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