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Arabic English Learning Courses

Arabic English learning courses

     Learning Arabic for non-Arabs speaking English is one of the most interesting activities. It is amazing to compare the two languages in expressing yourself in different situations. Dive into Arabic English Learning Courses with Al-Azhar Arabic Online! Beginner to advanced levels, interactive lessons, expert guidance

English to Arabic Learning
English to Arabic Learning

English to Arabic learning course can be easy when it takes practical shape in which learners practice listening and speaking Arabic sentences in different situations. Let’s start our practical English to Arabic learning with the most famous expressions used in some different situations.


greeting Arabic English learning courses
greeting Arabic English learning courses

 Transliteration           Arabic       English
 Marhaban  مَرحبا     Welcome
Assalamo Alikom السلام عليكم Peace be upon you
Kayfa Haluka? For male



Kayfa Haluki? For female

كيف حالك؟ How are you?
Ana Bikhair. Shukran أنا بخير. شكرا. I am fine, thank you

Conversation with New People in Arabic

Arabic English learning courses1
the countries that speak Arabic [Arabic English learning courses 1]

–   When you start a conversation with Arab people for the first time, you need to introduce yourself, asking about their names, jobs, where do they live and how old they are.

Transliteration Arabic English
Ana Samy أنا سامي I am Samy
Ana Min Ingeltra. أنا من إنجلترا I am from England.
Ma Ismoka? For male



Ma Ismoki? For female

ما إسمك ؟ What’s your name?
Min Ayn Anta? For male.



Min Ayn Anti? For female.

من أين أنت؟ Where are you from?
Ma O’mroka? For male.



Ma O’mroki? For female?

ما عمرك؟ How old are you?
Hal Tatahadatho al-englyzia?



Hal Tatahadathi al-englyzia?

   هل تتحدث الإنجليزية؟ Do you speak English?
Ana Tabeeb. For male.



Ana Tabeebah. For female.

أنا طبيب I am a doctor.
Matha Ta’mal? For male.



Matha Ta’mali? For female.

ماذا تعمل؟ What do you do?
Ayna Ta’eesh?  For male.



Ayna Ta’eeshi?  For female.

أين تعيش؟ Where do you live?

Thus, Question Words in Arabic English learning courses       

Question words in English are divided into two types:

Firstly, Yes / No Question with the verb to do:

Hal tohibo assamak? For male.



Hal tohibi assamak? For female

هل تحب السمك؟ Do you like fish?
Hal Nora tohibo assamak? هل نورا تحب السمك؟ Does Nora like fish?
Hal Akal Ali alghadaa? هل أكل على الغداء؟ Did Ali eat lunch?

Secondly, Yes/No Questions with v. to be

Hal ana gayyed? For male.



Hal ana gayyedah? For female.

هل انا جيد؟ Am I good?
Hal howa mu’alim? هل هو معلم؟ Is he a teacher?
Hal anta Talib? For male.



Hal anti talibah? For female

هل أنت طالب؟



هل أنتِ طالبة؟

Are you a student?
Hal kana yala’bu? هل كان يلعب؟ Was he playing?
Hal kano yal’aboon? هل كانوا يأكلون؟ Were they eating?

     Thus, we notice that all auxiliaries which start yes\ no questions in English are translated to one same word in Arabic which is “Hal”. Also, it is the same thing with auxiliaries of “v. to have” (have- has- had) when they come at the beginning of yes/No questions. To sum up, they all are translated to the same one word in Arabic which is “Hal”.

Transliteration Arabic English
Hal ta’lmta al-Arabiya? For male



Hal ta’lamti al-arabya? For female

هل تعلمت العربية؟



هل تعلمتي العربية؟

Have you learned Arabic?
Hal ta’lamat Mona al-arabya? هل تعلمت منى العربية؟ Has Mona learned Arabic?
Hal zara Ali Misr? هل زار علي مصر؟ Had Ali visited Egypt?

Questions Words in English to Arabic Learning :


      Finally, Questions words are very important to understand Arabic. So, Here are the most important question words in English and their meanings in Arabic.

Transliteration Arabic English
Ma – Matha (the like in the) ما – ماذا What
Ayna أين Where
Mata متى When
Limatha (the like in the) لماذا Why
Kayfa كيف How
Man من Who
Ay أي Which
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