The Arabic language is one of the few languages that have changed a lot regarding written and spoken the lingo. Various parts of the Middle East have different accents even though they belong to primarily Arabic speaking country. The classical Arabic, which is the language in which the Holy Quran is written, is the base upon which the Modern Standard Arabic has evolved. Although there are several Arabic dialects. The advanced Arabic language is particularly important for those who follow Islam. Many Muslims learn Arabic to understand the Quran better.

advance arabic
advance arabic

The theme of the course :

The Arabic course is targeting helping the students to learn the nuances of Arabic and read and speak the language fluently. We provide guidance about the evolution of the language and ensure that the student can make presentations in Arabic with competent reading, writing and speaking skills. The course makes it will be easier for those with a basic knowledge of the language to read regular texts such as that of the newspapers and books, and thus earn a certificate in advanced Arabic education.

Advance Arabic
Advance Arabic

Description of the course :

Online academies, which provide a multitude of resources and devices to learn and practice, are quite useful for those who are juggling other jobs. This course puts you in direct, virtual contact with a well-trained teacher who is certified as well as proficient in writing, speaking.

Multi-linguistic teachers facilitate a better understanding of the language in the minds of the students. The tutors discuss the higher level text with their students and encourage the students to speak confidently without worrying about making any mistakes.

The user-friendly interface is rigged for security, and the student can choose male or female teachers for added safety and comfort of the female. The student can also choose to learn Arabic, Quran or both to understand the religious and secular perspectives of Islam.

Goals and objectives :

Our goal is for the student to achieve absolute fluency while speaking, reading or writing Standard Arabic.

    •  learning how to read and understand a professional level of Arabic.
    •  creating presentations in Arabic.

understanding the meanings of the Quran verses and Surah making

  • it easier for understanding the secular as well as the religious perspectives of Islamic studies.
  •  providing certification for completion of advanced Arabic education.

The basic goal of this course is to let the students know where they are making mistakes.

Advance Arabic
Advance Arabic

Who should take this course?

So high school and college students who have a basic knowledge of Arabic would find this course very useful. Learning advanced Arabic can also help with career prospects for such students. Non-Arab Muslims who want to deeply understand the meanings of the Holy Quran. Those who want to pursue Islamic studies would also find this course extremely useful. Travel enthusiasts, journalists.

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