Helping non-Arabic-speaker-Muslims to read Arabic, the language of the Quran. Provide highly qualified Arab native teachers for them. Help them practice Arabic language till they acquire the ability to read Quran, thus they can memorize it. Create a suitable and comfortable environment for learners to learn Arabic language.

About Us: Al-Azhar Arabic Online

At Al-Azhar Arabic Online, we are passionate about providing accessible and comprehensive Arabic language education to students around the world. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realization: the interconnectedness of the Arabic language and the Quran. We recognized that for individuals seeking to understand the Quran deeply, proficiency in Arabic is essential. This insight led us to embark on a mission to make Arabic learning accessible to all, regardless of geographical location or native language.

Why do we concern about teaching Arabic online?

We are conscious that Quran and Arabic depend on one anther; if you need to learn Quran, Arabic language is greatly required. When you learn Quran, you also will be in need to be immersed in Arabic language to go beyond the meanings and secrets of the words of the Quran. The idea of teaching Arabic online arose to us when we find that 90% of Muslim is not native Arabic speakers, we worried about their need of reading Quran in their prayers; at least five times a day in the five obliged prayers.

Unfortunately, not all of the non-Arabic-speaker Muslims can speak Arabic, nearly most of them. While we were searching about the ways non-Arabic speaker Muslims have to learn Arabic, we have found that a lot of non-Arabic-speaker Muslims are trying so hard to learn Arabic language and Quran, we have found that some of them go to Islamic centers and mosques. Unluckily, a lot of them face a lot of difficulties to join such Islamic centers or mosques to learn Arabic and Quran.

Our brothers and sisters in Islam, who live in non-Arab countries do not have many mosques all over their countries as in our countries; they face the so many difficulties such as difficulties of distance, changes of weather, and the lack of native-Arabic-speaker teachers. We have felt a great responsibility toward those Muslims. Thus we have decided to set an educational program to teach them Arabic online. We were very interested and concerned to provide them with qualifying curriculums and teachers.

We have appointed very qualified Arab teachers to meet with our mission as an educational academy seeks the best. We care about teaching Arabic language, because we do not count it as being a mere language; it’s a language of a great message sent to a great and noble messenger. So, our interest goes beyond the mere language to the great and noble mission of da’wa, calling to Islam.

We were aware that the language is the identity of any great ummah. Therefore, we put in mind to make this language the first language for every Muslim. After a great searching to see what best fit the needs of the learners of Arabic language, we have found that the best way to convey our comprehensive curriculum in a suitable and comfortable environment is an internet.

We are looking for a Muslim Ummah speaks Arabic language, regardless the different nationalities. We are seeking to see Quran in the hearts of the Muslims, not just in their book. We want Arabic language to be one of the widely spoken languages. We are looking so far to see Arabic language as an identity of the Muslims.

Why AL-Azhar Arabic teaching academy?
We as a very responsible academy care about students’ comfort; we appointed a large number of teachers so that student can find a teacher who meets his schedule. We set a very comprehensive curriculum, to let our learners become competent at reading Arabic language. We put a schedule that prepares them to read Quran by themselves. Students can contact us whenever and wherever they want, and we typically reply instantly. We are always up to date to the new educational techniques. To learn in Al-Azhar Arabic teaching; you just need things that are available nowadays in every house and everywhere: PC or tablet, internet access, and an account on skype, zoom, hangouts or any other available contacting apps.

Why Al-Azhar Arabic teaching’s teachers?
Our teachers are native Arabic speakers. All of them have graduated from Al-Azhar University, the most popular Islamic university in the world. They are chosen from the most qualified teachers. Our teachers periodically do evaluations and quizzes for the students to check their improvements and to see their ability of understanding, and they always update their way of tutoring to make it best fit to the students. They can communicate easily with the students in a language that is widely spoken nowadays, which is English.