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Academic Arabic

Academic Arabic

This online course is one of Al-Azhar Arabic teaching courses


It tends to help learners who want to join any Arabic academic university, or those who have some academic Arabic studies. This course will help them to enhance their Arabic language, because they will be guided by most qualified teachers. They can find different teachers who teach different fields of academic stuff.


Also, learners of Islamic Sharia can find a lot of qualified imams who have graduated from AL-Azhar university, one of the most popular Islamic universities of the world, who will help them greatly in that field. They will not only help them in Arabic, but they will help them with their Islamic studies as well. Students will find teachers who meet their schedule, they are free to set suitable times for them with their teachers to best fit them. They will be free from the pressure of time, distance, or the bad changes of the weather because they now can learn Arabic online easily from the comfort of their houses. All they need are, laptop or tablet, internet access, and an account on Skype, zoom, hangouts, ..etc.


Having these requirements is not difficult nowadays, because they become available in every house.
If you are an academic student, and you are in need of learning Arabic for some academic reasons; either you are learning Islamic Shari or any Arabic study, do not be hesitant and join Al-Azhar Arabic teaching academy. You will learn Arabic online with the most competent and qualified teachers.

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